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HAYDAR POTTERY is the Leader of production and export of the Tunisia handmade natural Pottery for interior decoration and garden purpose. Our ceramic is handmade in the pure local tradition. We are trying to find for you the treasures of the Roman, Berber, Arabic and African cultures.

We supply exclusive Tunsiain plant pots in various shape with which you want, We can supply both large and small quantities. For your garden, hall and balcony decoration, we propose large-sized jars of clay, Roman amphora and large vases. This traditional terra cotta, inspired from the antique Roman pottery, is made in the south tradition of excellence.

We are specialized in the production of the white Tunisian natural pottery: Pot Earthenware jar Amphora vase. Wholesale with Price very studied, Find the collections of natural pottery of HAYDAR POTTERY such as the pottery of Province, the pots, basins, flowers stand and the containers terra cotta, Potteries side garden...

Our website informs you about our company, our products and our methods. We invite you to surfer in our virtual showroom to appreciate the quality of our refined products.

For any information, please contact us by e-mail, fax or Tel.

Follow the latest trends !!!

HAYDAR POTTERY is the supplier of Seasons vases, pots and dishes. We regularly expand our comprehensive basic range with products that follow the latest trends. In addition, we can help our customers, including you, with their own designs for prints, colours or shapes. The flexibility of the Seasons products is virtually limitless.

SPRING Colors!!!

Choose your prefered product.. apply your liked color... and then build your customising article!!

TUNESISCHE AARDEWERK handgemaakt keramiek TUNESISCHE AARDEWERK handgemaakt keramiek TUNESISCHE AARDEWERK handgemaakt keramiek TUNESISCHE AARDEWERK handgemaakt keramiek

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TUNESISCHE AARDEWERK handgemaakt keramiek

TUNESISCHE AARDEWERK handgemaakt keramiek 


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